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Mike Had a Crush on Rick from the Day He Moved In Next Door

For Mike it was love at first site as he saw Rick get out of the laden minivan in front of his apartment complex. There was no chance that Mike could possibly be gay though as Rick firmed his doubts into fact as he saw Mike grab a football from the front seat of his minivan and skilfully spin it on his fingertip as he walked to the rear of the van to grab a box.

When Mike moved in right across the passage Rick’s heart almost left his chest and he found it almost impossible to tear his eyes of Rick and when he was certain he got aught staring he had to find a way out of the awkward position he put himself in and he instinctively offered to help Mike move in.

It was a shit job but this time he loved it. And so Mike and Rick had dinner that night and now they are “best buddies”.

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If You Ever…

When you were a little boy and the game being played at break was kissing tag and you couldn’t understand why you couldn’t chase and kiss the other boys instead.

When you couldn’t understand why you couldn’t be in the girls’ team so that the boys would also chase and kiss you.

If you ever found yourself wondering what dick tastes like while the other boys were fascinated with the volcano simulation in science class.

If you ever changed in a cubicle in the change room not because you were shy of your body but because you didn’t the other boys to see that it gave you a raging boner to watch them undress.

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Aaaand More Gay Porn

I had no idea there are quite this many fags in the world. That view is probably skewed though considering that the bulk of porn is produced in the States much like the majority of visual media entertainment, so perhaps i should have said that I had no idea that there were so many batty boys in the USA.

That would be ignorant as well though since I have never been to America and it would be piss poor of me to make a judgement like that purely on the selective media that passes across my line of sight. If the rolls were reversed then every American would simply surmise that my country is an absolute shit-hole. Except they’d be right, but that’s besides the point.

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