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Month: December, 2010

Horny gay guy fucks his boss

So, our well known boss wanted something different for today. He was tired of fucking assholes the whole week (a total of two hundred thousand assholes/week). He wanted to have his ass grinded instead. He called one of his servants, he picked up one with a very meaty cock. The instructions are clear, he told his slave to fuck his ass loose. In this scene you’ll see hot gay boys fucking hardcorely. As the time passes you’ll be able to see some nice action and trust me, this guy did not forgive his boss asshole.

Nasty gay threesome after bet

Those guys were playing pool, but it wasn’t a regular pool (the ones that usually our drunk friends like to play). Those guys were playing for real! They had a bet and it was: Whoever loses the game will have its asshole set loose. Ye, they played hard, for 45 minutes. And they figured out who was the loser. In this scene you see some hot gay boys fucking in a naughty threesome. You’ll see why some guys shouldn’t (or should) make bets that involves the health of their ass holes. Step inside and watch.