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Month: May, 2022

Gay for it with the best gay porn

When I find a few gay boys to mess about with, I make sure to put them to the test. I want those hung little studs to beg for it and if they’re willing to make it worth my time, I’ll be willing to make the effort to return the favor. I was just getting down to it over at I wasn’t sure what I would go for first, but perhaps these gay men might make my mind up for me.

It sure makes for a change knowing I have a few good gay porn sites to spend a bit of time at. It sure has been a hot minute since I was able to dump a full load inside a willing asshole. With things going this well it seems to me that drought might be about to burst, isn’t that good news? I think it is the best news of all and I’m not going to shy away from this. I am going to let my cock have all the fun, how about you, what’s your plan?